Welcome to Petroleum Consultancy Services (PCS)

petroleum-consultancy-servicesWe at Petroleum Consultancy Services (PCS), are one stop destination for all your consultancy, project management and training needs in oil and gas sector.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, we have been offering our services across the globe.

Our services are in the following domains of oil and gas consulting:

1.Upstream Operations

2.Downstream Operations

3.Petroleum Marketing


We cover design engineering, quality control, audits and many other aspects. Competency to offer both consulting and training services is our core USP

Backed by our professional team of oil industry experts, we have extensive experience in the field of Oil and Gas Consultancy and Project Management. Considering the dynamics of the petroleum industry, our services match not just the industry standards but also the latest trends.

Our Vision and Mission

We are committed and focussed to offer best possible services and solutions as per international standards to our clients. We are driven by our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Key Strengths

  • We have a diversified knowledge of the complete petroleum sector
  • We have a strong resource pool of petroleum industry standards
  • We are experienced in implementing end-to-end solutions
  • We also have an experienced team of Project Management professionals and Trainers
  • We are global in providing our services
  • We also assist our clients in material procurement
  • We are networked with highly experienced EPC companies for national and international projects.

By virtue of our expertise, strengths and commitment levels, we at Petroleum Consultancy Services (PCS) are confident to deliver guaranteed results to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

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Petroleum Consultancy by Experienced and Updated Professionals

petroleum-consultantsWhen offering petroleum consultancy services, only experienced oil and gas professionals, who regularly update themselves with industry trends, can do justice.

With automation there has been a phenomenal revolution in the oil and gas industry processes and operation. In addition, with the volatility of the industry, the cost factor also plays an important role. So along with their years of experience, both these aspects must be considered by the petroleum consultants to provide reliable consultancy services.

Let’s get the bird’s eye view of petroleum business.

There are primarily the following 4 broad strategic business functions of the core petroleum industry:

  1. Engineering Design
  2. Processes which includes both upstream and downstream
  3. Terminal operations
  4. Sales and distribution

In each of these functions there are multitudes of sub categories like exploration, refining, lubricants handling, LPG handling. In the Engineering design itself there are many sub functions like construction and erection design basis of a plant or a terminal, then commissioning and operation design basis etc.

With advancement in the distributed control systems (DCS) and integration with SAP etc, the processes have become more sophisticated. Most oil and gas companies are going for automation of their facilities. So the level of competency and expertise required today are much more than what was required 15-20 years back. Along with technological revolutions, the international codes and standards have also been upgraded.

The industry scenario demands that the petroleum consultants must not only have thorough experience of their field but they also needs to keep themselves updated with the ongoing changes in the oil and gas sector. There has to be an amalgamation of the old and the new.

It’s the professional responsibility of oil and gas consultants to back up their experience with knowledge pool of the recent and the emerging trends. It becomes even more important if the petroleum consultancy firm covers international clientele as well.

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Need for Reliable Petroleum Consultancy

Reliable-Petroleum-ConsultantsTo cater to the growing demands of Industry, many petroleum consultancy services providers are available today. But the consultants must be reliable.

The petroleum industry does not evolve at a fast rate like IT or Telecom industry. However considering the risk of operations in petroleum sector and the volatility of the petroleum business, right people are required to run the show. Hence it is essential to find the reliable petroleum consultants who can give foolproof professional advice on getting things right. Whether it is upstream or downstream activity or project management assignment, right solution is mandatory.

There are 2 factors which need to be considered by all petroleum consultants:

1. Cost of implementation of a procedure

2. Short term and long term risks of its implementation

Fact remains that once the procedure is implemented, and at a later date, if it is not giving us the expected output then the cost of reworking is enormous and can affect the bottom line.

Hence it is imperative that petroleum consultancy services must involve the following:

1.Reference to oil and gas industry standards

2.Studying the field conditions

As the standards are also updated over a period of time, petroleum consultants must be abreast with them.

Because of the volatility of the supply and demand scenario of oil and gas industry, there are lot of changes that could be required in a given project. Oil and gas consultants must be prepared for that when they are offering their consulting services.

Here is the video that gives the true picture and challenges of petroleum industry:

These challenges have a direct impact on the petroleum consultancy business. Hence along with the petroleum standards, the consultants also have to consider the dynamics of global oil and gas scenario whenever they present their proposal for implementation of a project or a procedure. This is the golden rule to stay in this business.


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